Construction Management

Sapper West performed construction management and engineering review services for Southern California Edison (SCE) under contract with Dahl Taylor & Associates:

  • Sapper West acted as a temporary construction manager and led the construction effort for $1.1M Mechanical Electrical Equipment Room (MEER) project being constructed at SCE’s Visalia sub-station
  • Sapper West coordinated with suppliers, sub-contractors, and SCE’s on-site construction representative
  • Sapper West provided review comments to Dahl Taylor & Associates concerning the construction of the MEER

Sapper West has experience performing construction management responsibilities for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.  This project was located in San Antonio, TX:

  • Provided construction and project management support to the Program and Project Manager in the Realty Services Field Office of the Baltimore District
  • Provided design and construction oversight of major renovations ($300M to $500M)
  • Provided guidance and direction specifically to the electrical/mechanical design/build team
  • Worked with Corps and government client to incorporate acceptable construction oversight methodology.  Hired on-site construction inspectors and provided direction to the same.
  • Ensured project schedules and deliverables were on time, within budget, and met client requirements as outlined in drawings and specifications.

This Department of Defense project was located at Fort Meade, MD:

  • Served as a DoD Program Management Office (PMO) representative ensuring a major $150M renovation project met client requirements and budgetary guidance
  • Provided budget management oversight for construction changes
  • Utilizing an on-site presence, monitored Corps of Engineers’ change order process and provided priorities and funding to the same.
  • Served as a communications link between DoD, the Corps, and building’s owner.

Sapper West provided construction management services to the Bureau of Reclamation’s Fish Collecting and Release Facilities Pavement Rehabilitation project at Tracy and Antioch, CA:

  • Sapper West performed these construction management duties as a sub-contractor to Allright Construction, Inc.
  • Sapper West acted as a Contractor representative to provide construction management support and guidance to construction crew
  • Sapper West worked with construction crew, on-site Bureau of Reclamation personnel, and the Bureau’s construction inspector to insure quality and timely construction