Sapper West offers a variety of construction services.  Sapper West has both an A and B California contractor’s license.  We have performed both general engineering (horizontal) and building construction projects (vertical) for both state and federal agencies:


Horizontal projects, typically NAICS 237990, or similar:

  • Constructing ADA Trails, US Forest Service

  • Providing equipment support to maintenance operations, Dept of Energy

  • Parking lot repair, EDD, State of CA

  • Replacing skip pans, base courses, pavement, and concrete sections, CA Highway Patrol

  • Asphalt and concrete replacement and repairs, Sacramento and San Francisco State Universities

  • Cleaning and painting outdoor shelters, CA Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • Natural gas line installation, CA Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Grinding and re-paving, CA Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Concrete anchor creation, CA Dept of Boats and Waterways

  • Slurry sealing and striping for parking lots and roads, Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA)


Vertical projects, typically NAICS 236220, or similar:

  • Retrofiting and replacing humidity controls, Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA)